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If you are a domestic student, you can study through TTS for your Certificate or Diploma

You’ll be considered a domestic student if you are:

  • already studying in Australia
  • an Australian citizen
  • an Australian permanent resident
  • a holder of an Australian permanent humanitarian visa
  • a New Zealand citizen
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  1. Choose your course.
  2. Verify that you meet any prerequisite academic requirements,
  3. To apply for qualification, complete the online registration form.
  4. Submit the necessary documentation. This includes proof of status, e.g a copy of a passport or driver’s license & proof of current address.
  5. You do need your USI here: Get a USI | Unique Student Identifier
  6. A formal evaluation of your eligibility for government backing and prior qualification is undertaken after you have submitted all paperwork and supporting documentation.
  7. A letter of offer to study will be issued following a successful registration process.
  8. You will need to read and accept the terms and finalise course payment.
  9. To begin the learning program and conduct an induction, your Trainer Assessor will contact you.
  10. Our enrolments officer will let you know how this operation is progressing.

Application Process for Domestic Students

We need your:

  1. Completed Application Form
  2. 100 Point ID, e.g., Drivers Licence, Passport
  3. Academic Records
  4. Current COE & Current Visa if an international student
  5. Other useful documents to support your case

The Process

  1. Enrol for a course through our website.
  2. Your documents will be processed. Check for a confirmation email from Total Training Solutions. You may need to check your junk/spam email.
  3. Your documents are checked.
  4. Pay the processing fee as per the communication emailed to you.
  5. An offer letter will be generated and sent to you.
  6. Sign the letter of offer & send it back with the payment slip as mentioned.  Please email a copy of the payment receipt or reference to
  7. COE for the student is processed.
  8. Student enrolled
  9. Start classes in Adelaide

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